Thursday, December 17, 2015

Turn to the Lord

Read Isaiah 55:6-11

Photo Credit: Google Images
Have you turned from God and began to partner with Satan? Are you running from the relationship that God is longing to have with you? Are you allowing people to make you think that you have to be perfect to come to Jesus?

Today, is the day to start new and began to seek the Lord with all your being. God is near to his people. Why have we allowed the enemy to speak into our lives and make us think that God has forsaken us? Lies is what the devil has spoken to you.

God’s grace and mercy is immeasurable. He forgives us of our sins and welcomes us with open arms into his presence. We should be grateful that we serve a God that is not like man. People hold your past choices against you and keep bringing them up. God forgives and forgets the sin that you have committed.

Allow the words from God’s own mouth to be planted on your heart. Listen to God and know that his word will never turn back empty. He will fulfill every promise to you. So don’t give up on God but turn to the Lord! He hasn’t given up on you! God loves you so much!!!