Thursday, December 17, 2015

Turn to the Lord

Read Isaiah 55:6-11

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Have you turned from God and began to partner with Satan? Are you running from the relationship that God is longing to have with you? Are you allowing people to make you think that you have to be perfect to come to Jesus?

Today, is the day to start new and began to seek the Lord with all your being. God is near to his people. Why have we allowed the enemy to speak into our lives and make us think that God has forsaken us? Lies is what the devil has spoken to you.

God’s grace and mercy is immeasurable. He forgives us of our sins and welcomes us with open arms into his presence. We should be grateful that we serve a God that is not like man. People hold your past choices against you and keep bringing them up. God forgives and forgets the sin that you have committed.

Allow the words from God’s own mouth to be planted on your heart. Listen to God and know that his word will never turn back empty. He will fulfill every promise to you. So don’t give up on God but turn to the Lord! He hasn’t given up on you! God loves you so much!!! 

Friday, December 4, 2015


Read Psalm 107:19-22

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Addictions are distractions from the promises of God. When we allow ourselves to be consumed with an addiction we have turned from God and partnered with the enemy.  Think for a moment the things that you are addicted to that have you suppressed from spiritually growing in the Lord. Here are a list of things that Satan uses to bind God’s people: This can be from a physical and spiritual standpoint in one’s life.

  • ·         Murder –Are you murdering people with your tongue?
  • ·         Stealing – Are you robbing God by not spending time with him?
  • ·         Lying – Are you not being truthful with God about who you are in the inside?
  • ·         Sexual Immorality – Are you using sex toys for pleasure?
  • ·         Impurity – Are you watching shows that have sex scenes?
  • ·         Idolatry – Do you worship your car?
  • ·         Jealousy – Do you prey against others when God blesses them openly?
  • ·         Rage – Do you yell at your children in the comfort of your home?
  • ·         Selfish – Are you willing to share your resources to help someone else?
  • ·         Drunkenness - Are you trying to drink your problems away?
Today, we as God’s people have to start being transparent with God and with each other. We are walking around with burdens on our shoulders because we don’t know how to be honest. We are walking in fear of what others may think of us. You ain’t (yes I said ain’t) delivered if you can’t share with others. Many of us claim to walk by faith but we are walking in fear. Hello, somebody!

When you cry out to God in your trouble he is willing to save us from our distress. He will speak a word to you and through you so that you will be healed from the addictions. We all need to be rescued from being suppressed by the enemy in addictions. The enemy takes delight when we sin against God. It’s time to start letting loose things that have been holding us back from the promises of God. Release your cares upon the Lord and watch God birth a new thing in each of us.  

When God does something for you in your life, don’t forget to say “Thank you!” learn to love on God and praise him for just who he is all by himself. God looks past our faults and still blesses us daily. So we owe him a sacrifice of praise.

Continue to show you are grateful for the things that he has done in your life by sharing the good news with others around you. Step outside of your comfort zone in walk in the spirit of confidence and boldness.