Monday, November 16, 2015

Tis' the Season to Be Jolly on a Budget

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Tis’ the season to be jolly! This season can be jolly but also a financial burden to households around the world that enjoy celebrating the holidays. The holiday season has arrived and it’s important to consider a household budget for just this season.

Retailers began offering “Holiday Specials” early fall and almost 57 percent of those celebrating the holidays have already begun shopping!  According to the National Retailers Federation, $630.5 billion will be spent during this Holiday Season.  In other words, retailers are finding ways for us to spend our money sooner.  However, it’s up to each consumer to spend wisely. 

“4 Ways to Spend Wisely”

Set a Budget

SET A BUDGET on how much you would like to spend as a household for the holiday season. Be smart about the amount that you decide to spend. Once the budget is in place stick to it.

Make a List

Then make a LIST of everything that you will need to spend during this season. Often times, it’s the unforeseen things that get us the most.  When making your list, don’t forget to include things such as:

  • Gifts for every person-family members, teachers, co-workers, neighbors, etc
  • New outfits for office holiday parties
  • Grooming and babysitting services to go with the new outfit
  • Tasty dinners, hor’douvrves, office spreads and maybe even cocktail hours
Download Apps

If possible, don’t wait until December to begin shopping.  Purchase along the way and only what you can find on sale.  Here are just a few wonderful apps every smart shopper should have on their device to maximize savings:

  • Retail Me Not
  • Clutch
  • Favado
**Capital Financial Resource: Personal 
Another quick tool for you to use "Once the holidays are over, you can get your money back under control by using these free financial tools."

Give Free Gifts

Lastly, remember that giving does not always require spending money!  So look for unconventional ways to give to those on your list.  Here are a few simple yet impactful ways to give to others:

  • Offer a free night of babysitting for that Mom needs some “Me Time”
  • Spend time volunteering at your local shelters in the name of someone on your list
  • Dry clean coats that you’ve outgrown and gift to someone on your list
  • Create a photo album for someone on your list with pictures from their Facebook and/or Instagram accounts
  • If others rave about your cooking, create a cookbook by handwriting each recipe on decorated note cards
  • Find a “free event” and get an extra ticket for that special someone on your list
  • Bake goodies
The wonderful thing about these gifts is that they can be redeemed immediately or anytime throughout the year. 

To make the most out of your holiday season and eliminate stress, remember to do these things:

We pray that you have a joyous holiday season and that its stress free!

Enjoy your holiday season by living, loving and laughing with family and friends!


  1. Very good tips and reminders Calandra!

    1. To God be the glory! My boyfriends mother offered the tips based on her expertise in this area. Thank you for reading!

  2. Enjoyed this post, very inspiring and good information.

    1. To God be the glory! Thank you for reading!