Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cross Road

John 19:25-30
Photo Credit: Google Images

On the cross Jesus was still in the blessing business. Understand that in that moment Mary the mother of Jesus and John the disciple whom he loved positioned themselves to receive a blessing from Jesus before he gave up his spirit unto the Father. Hallelujah!
If you are reading this your spirit should be set on fire for the Lord. Why? Because where God has you positioned at this very moment know that he is about to bless you abundantly. You haven’t even been looking for it because life has knocked you down so many times, that you feel that God has forsaken you. I’m here to tell you today that God has not forgotten you. Your pain was simply developing you for your future. Amen!

Jesus provided unity and comfort in that moment between Mary and John by giving them each other. Many of us have been separated from the vision because we have allowed the enemy to consume our thoughts.

Today, we stand saying that enemy has no dominion over our lives. God is getting ready to restore everything that the devil thought he had taken away from you. But you have to be near the cross to receive it. Are you in position to receive the blessing of God?
In the midst of your pain God has been at work but also know that devil has been at work too. God is developing you in the midst of the pain and the devil is using your pain to destroy you. Somebody should shout right there, right where you are!

Jesus was thirsty, he drank and then he bowed his head. As I was writing the Lord was speaking to me. We have to get in the position of being thirsty for Jesus Christ. We have to be willing to submit to his will and way for our lives. When you drink from his cup that he extends to us, trust God that you will never thirst again. Hallelujah!
When you bow before the Lord you are humbling yourself under his mighty hand to receive the blessings that he has in store for you. The position of humbleness releases the power of God in your life.

Today, we will stand at the cross road in position to say Father in heaven we need you like never before. We need you to pour out your Holy Spirit upon us like only you can. Every broken place within us will be restored. We will praise you with all that is within us. In Jesus name, Amen!!!


  1. Humbleness releases the power of God - I love that thought, Calandra. Humbleness is a forgotten quality in our world today. Everyone is looking for glory. We can only be humble if we keep our eyes fixed on the marvelous, undeserved grace of God through His Son, Jesus.

    1. Yes, we must come to know that it's not about us but all glory belongs to our Father. So we must humble ourselves before him so that his glory can fill us up!