Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Empowering Moment

Psalm 34:18 (NIV) The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

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To my sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus. I speak peace right now over your life. In the name of Jesus! You are broken in the inside and your spirit has been crushed by the enemy. But God has a word for you on today!
Life’s circumstances has you weighed down and you feel like giving up. I speaking to you today to tell you the LORD is close to you.

Every tear that you have cried - God saw it fall from your eye and every sleepless night – God saw you pacing the floor. Every pill you tried to pop to end your life – God blocked it, when you tried to drink you misery away – God kept you, when you tried to party with your friends all night long - God stopped you, when you tried to pick up that gun and point it at your chest – God took your hand.

Hallelujah for the intercession of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
God is close to you and he has already saved you through his son Jesus Christ. Repent of your sins and accept Jesus into your life today. Don’t go another day trying to fight this battle alone. God fights our battles for us but we have to let go and let him do it.

God has already been fighting for you, now surrender unto his will and way for your life. God loves you and don’t let anyone tell you different. He cares for you and every detail of your life. Get on your knees and began to cry out to him saying “Lord I need you now!” He is waiting to hear from today.  Amen.

**I will be posting a YouTube video later with more encouraging words. Amen!

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Know that I'm always praying for you but if you need specific prayer for your situation I'm just an email away. Amen!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Tis' the Season to Be Jolly on a Budget

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Tis’ the season to be jolly! This season can be jolly but also a financial burden to households around the world that enjoy celebrating the holidays. The holiday season has arrived and it’s important to consider a household budget for just this season.

Retailers began offering “Holiday Specials” early fall and almost 57 percent of those celebrating the holidays have already begun shopping!  According to the National Retailers Federation, $630.5 billion will be spent during this Holiday Season.  In other words, retailers are finding ways for us to spend our money sooner.  However, it’s up to each consumer to spend wisely. 

“4 Ways to Spend Wisely”

Set a Budget

SET A BUDGET on how much you would like to spend as a household for the holiday season. Be smart about the amount that you decide to spend. Once the budget is in place stick to it.

Make a List

Then make a LIST of everything that you will need to spend during this season. Often times, it’s the unforeseen things that get us the most.  When making your list, don’t forget to include things such as:

  • Gifts for every person-family members, teachers, co-workers, neighbors, etc
  • New outfits for office holiday parties
  • Grooming and babysitting services to go with the new outfit
  • Tasty dinners, hor’douvrves, office spreads and maybe even cocktail hours
Download Apps

If possible, don’t wait until December to begin shopping.  Purchase along the way and only what you can find on sale.  Here are just a few wonderful apps every smart shopper should have on their device to maximize savings:

  • Retail Me Not
  • Clutch
  • Favado
**Capital Financial Resource: Personal 
Another quick tool for you to use "Once the holidays are over, you can get your money back under control by using these free financial tools."

Give Free Gifts

Lastly, remember that giving does not always require spending money!  So look for unconventional ways to give to those on your list.  Here are a few simple yet impactful ways to give to others:

  • Offer a free night of babysitting for that Mom needs some “Me Time”
  • Spend time volunteering at your local shelters in the name of someone on your list
  • Dry clean coats that you’ve outgrown and gift to someone on your list
  • Create a photo album for someone on your list with pictures from their Facebook and/or Instagram accounts
  • If others rave about your cooking, create a cookbook by handwriting each recipe on decorated note cards
  • Find a “free event” and get an extra ticket for that special someone on your list
  • Bake goodies
The wonderful thing about these gifts is that they can be redeemed immediately or anytime throughout the year. 

To make the most out of your holiday season and eliminate stress, remember to do these things:

We pray that you have a joyous holiday season and that its stress free!

Enjoy your holiday season by living, loving and laughing with family and friends!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Who Can Stand in His Way?

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God has spoken so many promises into my life and I know that he has spoken promises into your life as well. Think for a moment the things that God has spoken to you. Do you still believe that these promises will manifest? Has the enemy killed, stole or destroyed your dreams? Read the scripture below…..

Isaiah 14:27 (VOICE) And who can argue with that or stand in God’s way? The Eternal, Commander of heavenly armies, has determined That this is how it should be. And so it will be.

As I read this scripture I thought to myself this scripture is absolutely true. We can stand on this word when the enemy tries to attack our faith, families and finances. Whatever God has spoken to you can’t be argued with, period. Who can argue with God? Nobody!

We serve an omnipotent and sovereign God that answers to no one. He has the final say in our lives. I’m glad to know that we serve a God that stands tall and gives commands. Just think if we served a God of suggestions. “I think you should or maybe you should do this.”

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

This question brings me back to one of my favorite scriptures, Jeremiah 29:11. God announced that he knows that plans he has for each of our lives. He wants to prosper us in all areas of our lives. His plan is to give us a hope and future and so it will be.

The enemy can’t stand in God’s way because the enemy is already defeated. Stop allowing Satan to speak lies into your life. Memorize scriptures such as these and quote these back to the enemy. The enemy can’t stand to hear the word of God and he shall and will flee from you.

Prayer Closet Time

Father, I ask that you speak to each of us today and remind us of the promises that you have spoken into our lives. Lord, I humbly request that you forgive us for not believing in your words. We know that we serve a God that no one can argue with. We thank you for having plans for our lives. We thank you for giving us hope and a future. We love you because you first loved us. In Jesus name we do pray, Amen!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cross Road

John 19:25-30
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On the cross Jesus was still in the blessing business. Understand that in that moment Mary the mother of Jesus and John the disciple whom he loved positioned themselves to receive a blessing from Jesus before he gave up his spirit unto the Father. Hallelujah!
If you are reading this your spirit should be set on fire for the Lord. Why? Because where God has you positioned at this very moment know that he is about to bless you abundantly. You haven’t even been looking for it because life has knocked you down so many times, that you feel that God has forsaken you. I’m here to tell you today that God has not forgotten you. Your pain was simply developing you for your future. Amen!

Jesus provided unity and comfort in that moment between Mary and John by giving them each other. Many of us have been separated from the vision because we have allowed the enemy to consume our thoughts.

Today, we stand saying that enemy has no dominion over our lives. God is getting ready to restore everything that the devil thought he had taken away from you. But you have to be near the cross to receive it. Are you in position to receive the blessing of God?
In the midst of your pain God has been at work but also know that devil has been at work too. God is developing you in the midst of the pain and the devil is using your pain to destroy you. Somebody should shout right there, right where you are!

Jesus was thirsty, he drank and then he bowed his head. As I was writing the Lord was speaking to me. We have to get in the position of being thirsty for Jesus Christ. We have to be willing to submit to his will and way for our lives. When you drink from his cup that he extends to us, trust God that you will never thirst again. Hallelujah!
When you bow before the Lord you are humbling yourself under his mighty hand to receive the blessings that he has in store for you. The position of humbleness releases the power of God in your life.

Today, we will stand at the cross road in position to say Father in heaven we need you like never before. We need you to pour out your Holy Spirit upon us like only you can. Every broken place within us will be restored. We will praise you with all that is within us. In Jesus name, Amen!!!