Friday, September 11, 2015

My Spiritual Dream

Today is Friday and I'm feeling upbeat in my spirit after my praise and worship this morning with Jehovah. I wanted to share my spiritual dream with others with hope that it will inspire you to continue on this Christian journey.

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What is my spiritual dream?

My spiritual dream is to remain connected to God by continuing to say yes to his will and way. I want to continue to allow him to use me like never before. Reveal and confirm to me what he would have me to do for his glory. I would like to teach the gospel to my family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, strangers, or just anyone that will hear the good news. I want my life to be a ministry for all to see the God in me. It’s not about me but all about Jesus Christ. After, my singleness season is over I want a united ministry with my husband. I want him to lead and I follow. Our marriage will be a ministry, just as my single life is a ministry. I’m taking one day at a time and letting God have his way.

I originally wrote this back in late July but some things have changed since then. So all glory belongs to God! I will share later about the changes. God is still writing my story....

~Be Blessed

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