Wednesday, August 26, 2015

It Will Work Out for You

Read 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

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Many times we have experienced a difficult time in our lives and have felt like a thorn was piercing us in the side. I recently have been under spiritual attack and felt tormented from every angle. After accepting the calling that God had on my life and enrolling in seminary school. Satan has been on his job full time. I have been attacked mentally and physically.

In that process I was crying out to God asking for him to please take this away. I remember in 2011 saying that the Lord could use me anyway that he wanted to use me. I didn’t really understand what I had spoken until this year.  The Lord is definitely having his way in my life.
In the times of torment we must draw closer to Jesus Christ. According to his word, the torment comes so that we don’t exalt ourselves. Torment taught me how to remain humble and to give all glory to God in all situations. I don’t mind sharing my weaknesses with others because in those moments God strengthens me and has poured out his amazing grace upon me.

The song that constantly is in my spirit is “Father I stretch my hands to thee, no other help I know” (old spiritual hymn)
There is no other help I know but Jesus Christ to bring me through the snares and attacks of the enemy. God has placed some awesome spiritual people in my path to keep me encouraged but at the end of the day my intimate relationship with him exceeds those connections.

Our Father in heaven, understands what we are going through even when we can’t express it with words. That’s why I love the omnipresent God that we serve. He’s not like man, were you have to explain yourself a million times until they get the point of your pain.
I encourage you today my brothers and sisters that God’s grace is sufficient for you. Whatever you are going through know that God is working it out for your good. Your testimony but for God’s glory!  It doesn’t feel good right now but I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken.

I have found in the torment process of the enemy that God is usually birthing a new thing within me. When it manifests in the physical I’m mind blown. When I look back over the situation that he brought me through, I owe him all my praise!
Accept the weaknesses, insults, catastrophes, persecutions, and pressures because in those moments of weaknesses God is making you strong. It will work out for you!!!

~Be encouraged!!!!

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