Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Understand This

Read John 10:1-11
Photo Credit: Google Images

What is our purpose? Jesus has appointed us to go out and spread the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ. Spreading the gospel doesn’t just happen inside the church but it’s a street ministry.

In the scripture Jesus has appointed seventy-two other disciples and sent them side by side in pairs. They were to go ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go. They had been appointed and assigned to street ministry. Jesus was training them how to go out and spread the gospel.
Street ministry is not an easy task especially when you are going into unfamiliar areas, so that’s why pairing is highly recommend. It’s for our safety but also to show that we are united as a body of believers.

Yes, the harvest is plentiful because we have many people that don’t believe, they believe but don’t affiliate with a church, or they have conformed to the ways of the world. We as disciples are needed in our communities and around the world.

We will be rejected and be resisted for spreading the good news. If people aren’t open to listen don’t take offense, just move on to the next person.

Understand this that Jesus has have given us authority to go out, heal the sick and tell people about the kingdom of God. Our purpose is to spread the good news to all that will hear.