Thursday, July 2, 2015

Illustrate His Works

Read John 9:4-5

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We have the opportunity as believers to be a light to this dark world. When Jesus comes for his people we will lose the opportunity to illustrate his works.  All of our time should be spent illustrating God’s work by letting God take full control.

We should be seeking opportunities to share the gospel with others that don’t know our Father in heaven. Our light should be shining so that all men can be drawn unto Christ. When we are so consumed with sin when we are in the world we find ourselves to be in a dark place. When will allow God to come into our hearts and fill us up with his Holy Spirit we now have a light that we didn’t have before.

We must make choices daily to not be of this world but understand that we are citizen kingdoms that have been commanded to love our Father in heaven, love others and spread the gospel. Don’t let your choices hinder someone from coming to Christ. We must wake up every day in prayer and allow God to take full control. We must keep our focus on Christ and illustrate his works in all that we do.

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