Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Heard & Obeyed

Read Genesis 22:15-18
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God had commanded Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac. Abraham heard and obeyed God immediately. Abraham’s obedience to God showed that he feared, loved, and trusted God’s plan for his life. He didn’t question God but set out to do what the Lord had commanded him to do.
We should be the same way in our relationship with God. When he tells us to do something, “Just Do It!” Trusting that God knows best because he is God all by himself. Obeying God brings glory to him. As we learn in our spiritual walk that it’s not about us but all about him. Abraham is a great example for us as Christians to follow.

Think for a moment: God scarified his only son on the cross for our sins, so that we may have salvation and eternal life. Jesus was without sin, yet he suffered on our behalf to restore our relationship with God.  
God tests us to see if we are willing to make a sacrifice for him. What are you willing to sacrifice? Are you willing to hear and obey God?

God has called many of us to make a sacrifice for him. Yet, we have ignored God’s voice many times. Today, I encourage you that if God has been calling you to sacrifice something in your life, so that he can be glorified. Stop running and surrender unto his will and way. God has called us to do many unusual things but in the end we see that it is for our good and to prosper us. God will bless us when we listen and obey his commands.

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