Monday, July 27, 2015

Draw Me Closer

Read Romans 8:14-39

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Parent – Child Relationship

We can’t live our lives without being led by the Holy Spirit. If we are led by the Holy Spirit we know that we are God’s children. God is our Father in heaven but his spirit dwells within us on earth – our temporary home. Let me keep it simple – God is my Father and I am his daughter. God is your Father and you are his son/daughter. To share in God’s glory we must also suffer just as Christ Jesus suffered for us to have a restored relationship with God.
For Your Glory

While we are here visiting our temporary home we eagerly long for the day to be joined with our Father in heaven. We will suffer no more when God comes for his children. We will be free in deed from sin. In this we should have hope that God’s plan is to prosper us beyond what we can see.

In the meantime, be patient knowing that one day we will be with our creator again. Remain confident in all that you do by being bold an unashamed of spreading the gospel.
We should take a moment to thank God for the Holy Spirit that intercedes on our behalf, helps us when we are weak,  when we don’t have words to say, or don’t know exactly what to say. The Holy Spirit just doesn’t go to God but pleads for us as believers, so that I our request line up with the will of God or his plan for our lives.

I can’t tell you how many times I have prayed for something and God said, NO! Then, he turned right around and blessed me with something better and greater than my request before.  

Yes, for God’s glory we should be willing to do anything. We should be longing to see him and be in his presence.

God’s Love
God’s love conquers all things! I really have nothing else to say but I will. J Nothing can separate us from God’s love. No matter how many times we fall, God is right there to pick us up. No matter our situations, God still loves us. No matter the choices we have made, God still loves us.

He knew we would fail him daily, yet he sent his son to die on the cross for our sins. He forgave us long ago, yet we still walk around with guilt in our hearts wondering if God has forgotten about us or even if he still loves us. Jesus Christ restored our relationship with God. God loves us not because we deserve but because simply put God is love.


God draw us closer to you. Let your words prick our hearts so that we never forget how much you love us. Although, we fail you daily, we thank you for your agape love. Thank you for personally and collectively loving us! In Jesus name, Amen!

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