Friday, June 19, 2015

Preparing for a Journey

Read Exodus 12:11-12; 25-27

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Egypt has experienced 9 plagues thus far and the 10th plague was for every firstborn of both people and animals to be struck down. The LORD was also bringing judgement on all the gods of Egypt.

It always excites me to see “gods” lowercased because there is none greater than the creator of heaven and earth, our prince of peace, our provider, the one who reigns on the throne; he is the sovereign and omnipotent God.
Pharaoh was holding the Israelites captive and God had ten plagues to come upon the Land of Egypt. God told the Israelites to take a lamb without blemish for their family and household. They were to kill the lamb and then spread the blood on the sides and top of the doorframes of the houses were they live. When God saw the blood on the doorframes he would “Passover” the house.

The Israelites were preparing for a journey to enter into the land that the LORD had promised them. The Israelites were to observe the ceremony and pass it down to their children as well.
We know that Jesus Christ blood was shed on that old rugged cross for sinners like us, so that the LORD would extend his grace and mercy to us and spare us from an eternal death. When we accept Jesus Christ into our lives be prepared for a journey. We will face adversities in this life but know that God has promised us eternal life if we believe and trust him.

Jesus Christ freed us from being slaves of the enemy by his sacrifice that he made on that cross. We should just offer up a sacrifice of praise for the sacrifice that he made to save us, knowing that we would fail him daily.

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