Friday, June 26, 2015

Power of God

Read 2 Corinthians 13:3-4
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We are living in a time were people don’t think that God is real. Understand that we wouldn’t even exist on this earth if God wasn’t real. God isn’t a science experiment; God is real and powerful. God is among us and his power is shown every day. We live by God’s power and he speaks through us to speak to his people.
When God renews and transforms our minds we will never be the same again. The ways of this world will be less and less attractive to the flesh.
God loves us so much that he sent his son to die on the cross for our sins. The sacrifice that Jesus made restored our relationship with God and offers a new life in Christ.
Many of us are walking around proclaiming we know God yet we fail to recognize the power of God within us. We can heal the sick, raise the dead, drive out demons, etc. Yet we don’t allow the Holy Spirit to take full control. “Why is that?” Maye be we are afraid to stand out in the crowd or afraid that we will be called crazy. “Who cares?” We should only be concerned with pleasing God and not man.
Stop putting God just inside the 4 walls of a church building and understand that the God we serve and believe in is all around us, he lives within each of us that believe in Jesus Christ.
We can’t measure God’s power but we can allow it to manifest in the physical so that all can see how great our God is.
Jesus resurrection from the dead exemplifies God’s power. Because of Jesus we have hope that we to shall live in eternity if we believe.
Power of Prayer
We need to be praying to God because the times we are living in require that we pray without ceasing. So much is going on in this world and we as Christians need to stand up and represent the kingdom of God.
No longer can we be comfortable inside the church on Sundays, no longer can we be comfortable with talking about God only when someone ask, no longer can we deny that the devil is roaming the earth, and we can no longer  deny that we have authority.
We should be commanding sickness to leave the physical body and commanding demons to come out of people.
When I saw the young man that killed the 9 people in South Carolina I immediately saw darkness and a demonic spirit within him. I wanted to reach out to him, not judge him but cast out the demon within him.
We must fast and pray, fast and pray, fast and pray and start using the authority that God has given us in Jesus name. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is too fast and pray in times like these. God is on his way back and we don’t have time to play church any longer.
My prayer today is “Lord have mercy on us! In Jesus name Amen!”

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