Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Aim for His Kingdom

Read Mathew 6:25-34

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Aiming for God’s Kingdom means there is no need to worry about our lives. God values us and will take care of us just as he does the birds on the sky. We understand that from the scriptures that we can can’t add a single hour to our lives by worrying.

We all have worried about something in our lives. To be honest I have worried about what I was going to wear to work or even when money wasn’t right I worried what we were going to eat. I do know from experience that God took care of me, I didn’t go without clothes or eating.
Prayer keeps us from worrying about our physical needs. Why? Because we go before God, make our request known and trust that he will work it out for our good. The reason that we go to God with all of our problems is so that we may have peace and rest.

Last year, when I was going through a transition in my life and money was limited. I worried about what we would eat each day.
God spoke to me and hear are somethings I started to do to put food on the table for my family…..

1.       I use  the weekly sales paper which comes out on Wednesdays and it  last for 7 days (Wednesday thru Tuesday)

2.       I compare prices,  make a list of items needed and the estimated amount I will spend at each store

3.       I shop at 3 different grocery stores – Tom Thumb, Kroger, Aldi

4.       I don’t shop at Wal-Mart for food because you usually get caught up in the maze and purchase things that you don’t need

5.       I eliminate meat from our meals- We’re not vegetarians  but purchasing meat can be costly when you’re trying to feed a family – Meat is more for Sunday meals

6.       I use coupons from the Sunday sales paper and digital coupons
We should be aiming for God’s kingdom which means we must be the light of Christ to this dark world. Our lifestyles should match the God we serve. We need to be about our Father’s business and bring others to Christ so they may experience the joy we have received from serving Christ. This my friend’s will help build God’s kingdom and let God’s will be done on earth. Most importantly, it will keep us as Christians aiming for the kingdom of God and not the things of this world.  Keep God first!


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