Thursday, May 28, 2015

Restore Day 4 of 4

1 Peter 5:10 who called you by the Messiah Jesus to his eternal glory, will restore you, establish you, strengthen you, and support you. (ISV)

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As we come to a close on restoration, we should now understand that only Go can restore our innermost being. God made us so he knows what we need to restore us according to his plan for our lives.
This scripture should give us encouragement that God loves us so much that he will restore, confirm, strengthen and establish his children.  We must continue to allow God to be the head of our lives.

Take the bible off the shelf and read his word that gives everything we need on this spiritual journey. Don’t just read but apply it to your life and share what you have read with others. When we are needing to be restored we need to be going to God in prayer. Prayer is how we communicate with God. Restoration can come from fellowshipping with other Christian believers. We should be attending church regularly so our souls can be nourished with the word of God. People that have a testimony to share about how God has restored them are the best people to be around when you need to be uplifted.
Understand, that we aren’t the only ones that have face adversity. There are many stories in the bible where men and women just like us faced adversity and God restored them. God is the same God back then and he is the same God right now that can and will restore our souls.

If you haven’t already accepted Jesus Christ into your life today. Say this simple prayer: Jesus I accept you into my life today. I now know that only you can restore me. I give myself a way to you only, trusting in your plan for my life. Amen!

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