Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Clean Up Day 6 of 6

Read 2 Chronicles 29:11

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Are we serving the Lord as he has chosen us to do? Many of us have forgotten or don’t know our purpose that we have been chosen for while here on earth. Your purpose is to serve the Lord!

Serving God shows that we have a real relationship with him. Jesus Christ himself was a servant to God while here on earth. Jesus ministry was done through healing, teaching and spreading the gospel. Just as Jesus Christ was a servant, we must be servants. Our lives should be focused on serving the Lord with the gifts he has given us. Some of our gifts are singing, dancing, cooking to feed the hungry, giving, or even intercessors in prayer.

In order to serve the Lord, we must have our hearts cleaned up. When the Lord cleans our hearts we are able to serve the Lord with a genuine love. Don’t make serving God an option but a priority because he deserves it. God loved us first, which is why we are able to love him.

The best way to serve is by knowing God. Read the bible and pray daily. This will help you to have a strong relationship with him and you will also understand why it’s important to serve him. You will understand for yourself and not just from what someone is telling you.

Lord, we come thanking you for the love you have for us your people. We desire to be cleaned up so that we my serve you in spirit and in truth. We love you because you first loved us. Thank you for your son Jesus Christ teaching us how to serve you. In Jesus name we do pray, Amen!

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