Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"The Storm is Over Now"

Read Psalm 107:29-32; Matthew 8:23-27

Photo Credit: Google Images
Are we afraid of the storm? The news reported that it will be a severe thunderstorm today in the area where you live. They have advised all the people to stay inside until the storm passes over. People’s reactions to thunderstorms vary, some are annoyed, and some neutral, some panic and some are even excited.
I want to focus on the reaction of panicking during the storm for a moment. When we panic it means that we are afraid of what is about to happen because it’s something that is usually not in our control. As we see from the scriptures, when we are afraid it shows that we have little faith.

Many of us have faced storms, are facing storms right now or a storm is headed our way. Understand that on this Christian journey we will face storms in our lives. A storm can be losing a job, losing a loved one, children not listening to our instructions, spouses not supporting us, parents abandoning us, friends talking about us, funds are low and bills are due, etc.

Let me encourage you today, keep following Jesus as his disciples did as they went into the boat. When storms arise in your life know that Jesus is right there with you during the storm. We don’t have to be fearful because the God we serve, even the winds and the waves obey his voice. Exercise your faith and know that the storm we will pass over. Jesus is the reason for the storms in our lives ceasing.
In the scriptures it says they rejoiced after the the storm was stilled. I’m challenging us to rejoice in the midst of the storm because we know the God we serve will make his presence known in the midst of our temporary situation. If he brings us to it, he will bring us through the storm. Know that trouble don’t last always. Our God is faithful and wonderful to his children! There is always a blessing in the storm, don’t miss it panicking.

~Trust God