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2 Timothy 1:3 I thank God whom I serve, as did my ancestors, with a clear conscience, as I remember you constantly in my prayers night and day. (ESV)

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Wrap-Up of the Scripture
In the scripture Paul is writing a letter to Timothy-his spiritual son letting him know that he is praying for him day and night. He’s also letting him know that he is serving the same God that his ancestors served. He is able to serve God with a clear conscience because God has cleared his conscience. Paul is giving Timothy encouragement to keep pressing on this Christian journey. Although, Paul was in jail awaiting execution, he still wanted to pass on his spiritual knowledge to his brother in Christ.

Right or Wrong
It’s Saturday night and you have decided to hang out with your friends. When you get together with this group of people, you love to drink and even get drunk to the point you don’t remember anything about that night. While you’re drinking you hear a voice telling you to put that shot glass down and go home. You know that what your doing is wrong because there’s a 1,000 other things you could be doing that are so right for you. That is your conscience discerning between good and evil. That voice you heard was the Holy Spirit speaking to you.

Then you have the enemy telling you, Aww man you need to keep drinking, you won’t be anything in life, no one loves you, you aren’t pretty enough, remember all that stuff you did, you had children out of wedlock, you aren’t rich enough, you’ll never be able to go to school, you’re a thug, you aren’t smart enough, etc.
When the enemy starts to speak he will try his best to tear us down to our lowest point in life. I’m here to tell you today that we serve an awesome God that is a forgiving God of all our past wrongs.

Many of us are holding our guilt inside from things we have done or are doing now. Why do we hold on to the past? Why do we replay the hurt over and over again? Why do we give up on life? Our guilty conscience can be cleansed when we bring all of ours sin to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ died on the cross for all of our sins. There’s no little sin or big sin, it’s just SIN. Sin separates us from God because he hates sin. He doesn’t hate us though, just our sinful nature. Our relationship will be restored when we give our lives over to Christ Jesus. We will have a clear conscience because we confess our sins and then repent with all sincerity in our hearts. Only God, our Creator can clear our conscience.

Today, I ask that we let the guilt go and give it to Jesus so that we may find rest in his presence. Jesus already died for our sins so there is no need to hold on to the guilt. Let go and watch God change you into a new person. He will make us better than the way we were before.


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