Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fear God

Read: Psalm 31:19

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To know God is to stand in amazement of his power and glory. When we made a choice to surrender to the Lord we started to understand who he is and what he does. We stand in awe of who he is rather than what he does for us. God is our creator that’s enough to be amazed about!

Our God is holy, perfect, sovereign, our provider, protector, he reigns, merciful, graceful, deliverer, strengthener and way maker. (Feel free to comment below and add some more amazing things about our God.)

Our sinful nature got us in a lot of trouble and caused us to be separated form God. Our amazing God didn’t want to be separated from us, so he provided a way for us through his son Jesus Christ. God’s love for us is amazing just because the sacrifice he made with his son Jesus Christ to save us from eternal death.
Now we know that God hates sin because he is sinless. When we accepted Jesus Christ as our savior were given wisdom to know right from wrong. We know understand God’s view on sin. Just a reminder: God doesn’t hate us but he does hate our sinful nature. We should fear his discipline when we continue to be disobedient to his word.

Understand that our fear of God is that we willfully submit to his will and way. We worship him because we have thanksgiving in our hearts for who he is. One of the amazing things I mentioned earlier was that God is our protector or refuge. Since we know he is our protector we should always trust in him. We as believers should give thanks for those who fear the Lord. We are truly blessed individuals!


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