Thursday, April 30, 2015


Psalm 145:7 They celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of you righteousness. (NIV)
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God’s abundant goodness is something we should celebrate every day. You can celebrate with singing, dancing, teaching, preaching, etc.  We as sinners could have been left deserted by God and sent to eternal death. Above all, God’s love is so amazing that he sent his son Jesus Christ to save us so that we may have eternal life.

No matter what may be going on in the world at this moment. Don’t let the things going on in this world discourage you. We know that the things of this world are only temporary.

Jesus Christ has given us hope to endure our temporary home.  God is still blessing us abundantly each and every moment. Understand, that he doesn’t bless us for what we do but for what Jesus Christ did. Jesus Christ bridged the gap for us to receive God’s goodness and abundance.

Jesus promised us a life of abundance. According 1 Corinthians 2:9, we can’t even imagine with the human mind what God has prepared for us that love him. This is truly something to celebrate, knowing that God is preparing things for us although we fail him daily. He loves us so much!

When I speak of abundance, I’m not talking about abundance of worldly possessions. I’m talking about spiritual abundance-eternal life. Don’t get me wrong, God does take care of his children while here on earth but don’t let that be our main focus. Our main focus should be to please God and one day see Jesus face to face. We must keep our minds stayed on Jesus and not the things of this world so that we may experience God’s goodness of eternal life.


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