Monday, March 16, 2015

Praise and Pray Day 7

Read Mark 10:27

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Nothing is impossible with God! Many times we find ourselves putting limits on what God can do for us and even others. We have to start operating in the spiritual being of taking the limits off of God. His word tells us that all things are possible with him.
Whatever you may be going through at this moment put it in God’s hands and know that everything will be alright. God knows our hearts and our thoughts.  We can’t hide from him because his presence is everywhere. Surrender to him today because Jesus is on his way back. We want to be free from this world and the only way is through Jesus Christ. No matter what you have done or even what you are doing right now, God will forgive you. He is a loving and compassionate God towards his people. Try him today!

Jehovah, thank you for this beautiful day that wasn’t promised to us. Lord, we come surrendering all to you. It belongs to you anyhow and we know that we can’t do nothing without you. Thank you Lord for giving us hope that all things are possible with you. Thank you for encouraging and inspiring us through your words. We love you more than anything. We thank you for being just who you are all by yourself. In Jesus name, Amen.

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