Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Praise and Pray Day 14

Read John 10:10-11; John 16:33

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The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy us spiritually and even physically. Jesus comes to give us abundant life. Abundance to me means that you are overflowing with more than you could have anticipated.

My life with following Jesus has been better than when I was in the world dancing for the devil. Jesus has blessed me spiritually but also he provides for my physical needs as well. This doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle from time to time but it does mean that I have faith in God to bring me through the struggle.

Jesus laid down his life as the Shepard of the sheep so that we may have life. Jesus gave us life more abundantly by dying for our sins and restoring our relationship with God. The sacrifice that he made on the cross, opens the door for eternal life in the presence of the Lord. Just to think that Jesus laid down his life for sinners like us so that we may live but yet we still sin and are disobedient to God’s word. Turning to the enemy that wants to harm us and not to Jesus that wants to prosper us. Children of God, we have got to do better!

Jesus then tells us to have courage because in this world we will suffer. Jesus himself suffered for us. Yet again, we think life should be peachy wonderful for us---the word says different. We should have peace in our suffering knowing that Jesus has already conquered the world. The devil is already defeated.

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