Monday, March 30, 2015

Praise and Pray Day 13

Read Luke 8:43-48

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The woman in the scriptures suffered 12 years of bleeding. She spent all she had and not even the doctors could heal her. 12 years is a long time to suffer from an illness. I’m sure the woman felt hopeless because there was no cure and no one could help her. As I was writing this blog post, a thought came to mind… We as believers often find ourselves in situations that cause us to be ill physically and spiritually. We seek man or even things for healing but find there is no permanent cure. Then, after we have tried all those things, we turn to Jesus for help. Jesus should be our first source and not our last option.  
Many of us are needing to be healed from different things we have experienced in life. Faith in Christ Jesus is the only way we will experience true healing. We must continue to exercise our faith so that we grow to have faith as this woman did in the scriptures. We must understand that our faith in Jesus will make us well and we shall have peace that only he can give. Understand, that in the midst of our suffering we must continue to praise God and even if he heals us we must continue to praise him. There is something about pressing through to God that gives us hope that everything will be alright.

We serve a Mighty God that can do all things. He is our healer and deliverer. Our God is awesome and worthy to be praised.


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