Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Praise and Pray Day 10

Read Mark 8:27-30

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Question for the day: Does your lifestyle match the God you worship?
Jesus questioned the disciples to see what the people were saying him to be. Jesus already knew the answer but was testing the disciples in this moment. He then goes to question who they think he is. I quickly noticed that he was speaking to the disciples which means all of them but only one answered which was Peter. Does that mean that only Peter had faith in Jesus? I can hear Peter saying, “You are the Messiah!” with boldness in his voice.

I asked a question at the beginning. Many times we claim that we believe in the Messiah but our lifestyles don’t match his character. We as believers need to be transformed to Christ ways and thinking. We need to die to the flesh. Many people aren’t committing their lives to Christ based on our behavior as Christians.  We have got to do better! We must be bold and be able to confess our faith not only in private but publicly as well. We must be able to confess our faith just as Peter did before Jesus.

Lord, thank you for this day that wasn’t promised. Lord, help us to be like Peter, boldly confessing our faith to this world. Lord, we need you every moment of the day to be with us. Let your light shine through us, so that others that don’t know you may come wanting to know more about the God we serve. We love you!  In Jesus name, Amen!

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