Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Praise and Pray Day 14

Read John 10:10-11; John 16:33

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The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy us spiritually and even physically. Jesus comes to give us abundant life. Abundance to me means that you are overflowing with more than you could have anticipated.

My life with following Jesus has been better than when I was in the world dancing for the devil. Jesus has blessed me spiritually but also he provides for my physical needs as well. This doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle from time to time but it does mean that I have faith in God to bring me through the struggle.

Jesus laid down his life as the Shepard of the sheep so that we may have life. Jesus gave us life more abundantly by dying for our sins and restoring our relationship with God. The sacrifice that he made on the cross, opens the door for eternal life in the presence of the Lord. Just to think that Jesus laid down his life for sinners like us so that we may live but yet we still sin and are disobedient to God’s word. Turning to the enemy that wants to harm us and not to Jesus that wants to prosper us. Children of God, we have got to do better!

Jesus then tells us to have courage because in this world we will suffer. Jesus himself suffered for us. Yet again, we think life should be peachy wonderful for us---the word says different. We should have peace in our suffering knowing that Jesus has already conquered the world. The devil is already defeated.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Praise and Pray Day 13

Read Luke 8:43-48

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The woman in the scriptures suffered 12 years of bleeding. She spent all she had and not even the doctors could heal her. 12 years is a long time to suffer from an illness. I’m sure the woman felt hopeless because there was no cure and no one could help her. As I was writing this blog post, a thought came to mind… We as believers often find ourselves in situations that cause us to be ill physically and spiritually. We seek man or even things for healing but find there is no permanent cure. Then, after we have tried all those things, we turn to Jesus for help. Jesus should be our first source and not our last option.  
Many of us are needing to be healed from different things we have experienced in life. Faith in Christ Jesus is the only way we will experience true healing. We must continue to exercise our faith so that we grow to have faith as this woman did in the scriptures. We must understand that our faith in Jesus will make us well and we shall have peace that only he can give. Understand, that in the midst of our suffering we must continue to praise God and even if he heals us we must continue to praise him. There is something about pressing through to God that gives us hope that everything will be alright.

We serve a Mighty God that can do all things. He is our healer and deliverer. Our God is awesome and worthy to be praised.


Friday, March 27, 2015

Praise and Pray Day 12

Read Luke 11:2-4

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The Lord’s Prayer

What is Prayer?
Prayer is simply communication with God. You can talk to God just as you talk to a friend or even you parent. God wants to hear from each of us. Don’t be afraid to pray to God. Your prayer doesn’t have to be long or even fancy. You can simply say, “Lord I need you!” You have just prayed in that simple statement. I’m a living testimony to know that once you start to grow in Christ your prayer life will change because your understanding of who God will be deeper than before. Jesus teaches us how to pray with a model prayer for us to use to communicate with the Father in heaven.

Verse 2 “Father, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come.  

·         Acknowledges God’s existence as our Father in Heaven. We acknowledge that God is a King and he has a kingdom that he reigns over.

Verse 3 Give us each day our daily, bread,

·         God provides the things that he knows we need spiritually and physically. God meets our needs according to his plan and purpose for our lives. God is our Father and he cares for his children.

Verse 4 and forgive us our sins, for we ourselves forgive everyone who is indebted to us. And Lead us not into temptation.”

·         We ask that God forgive us of our many sins. When we sin we sin against God and not ourselves. Sin separates us from the Father which is why we need his forgiveness to clean us up, rebuild and restore our relationship with him. Since God forgives us, we must forgive others that wrong us. God doesn’t tempt us but he does test us. The devil tempts us but God provides an escape route for us to resist temptation.

Thank you Father in Heaven for the Holy Spirit that dwells in each of us to carry us through each day! Thank Jesus for teaching us how to pray!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Praise and Pray Day 11

Read Mark 14:32-42

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Don’t be caught sleeping….

Jesus was in flesh while he was here on earth. He experienced the same things that we go through in the flesh. Which lets me know that he understands what we encounter from day to day. The only difference is that Jesus didn’t fall into temptation or sin against God.

Jesus told the disciples to sit and he took 3 of the disciples with him. Jesus is saying sit here while I pray. Something should have sparked in us that if the Messiah is praying, we should be praying as well, not sitting. Jesus said remain here and stay awake. One might think he was talking about just the physical state of be awake. My thoughts was that he was referring to staying spiritually awake. To be spiritually awake at all times, is to be connected to the Father at all times. Jesus prayed to the Father, simply saying Lord, Let your will be done.

Often times we become distressed, afraid and even filled with sorrow. We want that moment to pass from us quickly so that we may go back to a state of joy. In that moment God is calling us to draw near to him and pray that his will be done in our lives.

If Jesus prayed to the Father in heaven, we to must pray to the Father. He instructed us to pray so that we will not fall into temptation. When we are aware of our individual weakness, we should be praying for the Father to help us to fight temptation. As the word says that sprit is willing to be obedient but the flesh is weak. I know that we can call attest to this…. We must keep our eyes on Jesus so that we stay awake. The enemy is busy roaming and seeking whom he may devour. So we as Christians must stay busy praying and trusting God. Jesus did his Fathers will, so that we may have eternal life. Jesus is on his way back and we need to be ready.


Father in heaven let your will be don't in our lives on this day. In Jesus name, Amen!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Praise and Pray Day 10

Read Mark 8:27-30

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Question for the day: Does your lifestyle match the God you worship?
Jesus questioned the disciples to see what the people were saying him to be. Jesus already knew the answer but was testing the disciples in this moment. He then goes to question who they think he is. I quickly noticed that he was speaking to the disciples which means all of them but only one answered which was Peter. Does that mean that only Peter had faith in Jesus? I can hear Peter saying, “You are the Messiah!” with boldness in his voice.

I asked a question at the beginning. Many times we claim that we believe in the Messiah but our lifestyles don’t match his character. We as believers need to be transformed to Christ ways and thinking. We need to die to the flesh. Many people aren’t committing their lives to Christ based on our behavior as Christians.  We have got to do better! We must be bold and be able to confess our faith not only in private but publicly as well. We must be able to confess our faith just as Peter did before Jesus.

Lord, thank you for this day that wasn’t promised. Lord, help us to be like Peter, boldly confessing our faith to this world. Lord, we need you every moment of the day to be with us. Let your light shine through us, so that others that don’t know you may come wanting to know more about the God we serve. We love you!  In Jesus name, Amen!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Praise and Pray Day 9

Read Mark 4:35-41

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Do we know whom we serve? Take time to read the scriptures before reading this post.
God will speak to us and tell us to go according to his purpose and will for our lives. When we go we find ourselves facing a storm that we weren't expecting. Many times we find ourselves facing fierce storms in our lives. We found ourselves broken into pieces and needing to be put back together again. Life’s problems have swamped us and we find ourselves drowning in fear, sadness, depression, hopelessness, and pain. We start to feel that God has left us to drown in our misery.

Before the storm we never thought to call on his name but in the storm after we tried to fix it ourselves we then decide to call on Jesus. We ask the same question that the disciples asked in verse 38 “Teacher! Don’t You care that we’re going to die?”
In this moment we find that our faith is small because of the question we ask. Jesus gets up, rebukes the wind and speaks to the sea. We must understand that we will go through storms in our lives but know that we serve a God that has authority even over the winds and the sea.

We must put all our trust in God. No matter the storm you are going through God we calm the storm. God tests us when we through storms to strengthen our faith in him only. There is no need to fear the storm because we serve a God of authority. God is always with us, his presence is everywhere.

We are the ones that leave God and cling to the things of this world. What we find is that the world offers only temporary satisfaction.  God wants the best for his children. The enemy has already lost the battle. The enemy will have no dominion over your life. When you hear God’s voice calling your name, it’s time to come back to the Master and surrender all to him. Time is winding up and the end is almost near. We all want to be ready before God calls us home!

Prayer: Lord we thank you for this day. Thank you Lord for your word that inspires us to keep pressing forward. Lord, we even that you for the storms in our lives that draw us closer to you. We know that we must realize that when you tell us to go, that you will be with us all the way.  You will calm the storm after while. Lord we love you more than anything. In Jesus name, Amen!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Praise and Pray Day 8

Read Mark 13:32-37

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I will advise you to be ready at all times for Christ return. Many times we think we have time to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. As we know this to be untrue. Each day babies, teens, young adults and the elderly die. The enemy has tricked us into believing we have time. We don’t have time because we don’t know the time.
His word says that not even the Angels nor the Son know the time or date of his return. It’s time to stop playing church and let the Lord’s will be done in and through your life. Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us. Your next breath is not even promised to you. I’m ministering to myself as I minster to you be alert at all times and continue to preach the good news to all who will hear because Jesus is on his way back very soon!

Watch, Pray and Be Ready

Jehovah, thank you for this day that wasn’t promised to any of us. Thank you for your word that helps us to be alert at all times. Thank you Lord for the Holy Spirit that dwells in us. We just thank you Lord just for who you are. Lord, if we had a 1,000 tongues we still couldn’t thank you enough.  Your love is amazing! We love you Lord because you first loved us. In Jesus name, Amen!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Praise and Pray Day 7

Read Mark 10:27

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Nothing is impossible with God! Many times we find ourselves putting limits on what God can do for us and even others. We have to start operating in the spiritual being of taking the limits off of God. His word tells us that all things are possible with him.
Whatever you may be going through at this moment put it in God’s hands and know that everything will be alright. God knows our hearts and our thoughts.  We can’t hide from him because his presence is everywhere. Surrender to him today because Jesus is on his way back. We want to be free from this world and the only way is through Jesus Christ. No matter what you have done or even what you are doing right now, God will forgive you. He is a loving and compassionate God towards his people. Try him today!

Jehovah, thank you for this beautiful day that wasn’t promised to us. Lord, we come surrendering all to you. It belongs to you anyhow and we know that we can’t do nothing without you. Thank you Lord for giving us hope that all things are possible with you. Thank you for encouraging and inspiring us through your words. We love you more than anything. We thank you for being just who you are all by yourself. In Jesus name, Amen.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Praise and Pray Day 6

Matthew 6:25-33

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Are we suffering from anxiety? Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent even or something with an uncertain outcome. God’s word is simply telling us be anxious for nothing because God already knows what we need. Why worry about it? We find ourselves worrying about things that aren’t in our control. Anxiety can lead to depression, stress or even death. God takes care of the birds in the sky and the flowers in the fields. Don’t we understand that he will take care of his children? Our focus must remain on God in all circumstances. We must serve God with our whole heart, mind, body and soul. Our faith will increase when we learn to put our trust in God and not in material possessions.
I have seen God take care of me when I couldn’t take care of myself. The way in which he provides amazes me beyond my understanding.  His word tells us to seek the kingdom of God and all things will be provided for us. I believe this to be true and so should you. When we start to take the limits off of God and trust in his plan for our lives, we start to understand that his plans are to prosper his children. (Jeremiah 29:11) Simple message today is to trust God with your life and you will be healed of any anxiety you are experiencing right now.

Lord, we come thanking you for this moment that we are able to spend with you. Thank you for the breath that we have in our body. Thank you Lord for inspiring and encouraging us with your words. We thank you for being the light within us. Lord, keep us close to you so that we cast all our cares on you. We know that when we give it to you, we will find rest and not suffer from anxiety. Thank you for loving us unconditionally. Thank you for your grace and mercy! Lord we love you and can’t live without you. In Jesus name, Amen!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Praise and Pray Day 5

Read Mathew 6:20-21

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Treasures of the World: Many of us dream of having nice houses, cars, jewelry, clothes or even being rich. It’s not wrong to desire to live comfortable while here on earth but don’t allow earthly things to consume your time and energy. The things of this world will pass away and when you die you can’t take these things with you. Knowing this now, will we change our thinking about earthly treasures?!

If we long to be in God’s presence and make it to heaven we have to commit to Christ whole heartedly and be obedient to what the word is telling us. Our treasures in heaven are blessings from God. They can’t be taken away by man or even rot; things that come from God are eternal. Heaven will offer a place that God has created that will be a place of joy, peace, love and never ending happiness just being in the presence of our Lord. Don’t we all want to go there?

Personal Experience: Last week my grandfather passed away and it took me by surprise. I no longer have any grandparents on my mother’s side of the family.  I was deeply sadden by the loss of him because it came by surprise. I didn’t have words to speak or even write. I couldn’t even encourage myself, although I tried many days. I find myself over thinking situations and mind just racing. Losing a loved one is a difficult process both physically and spiritually. Reading this passage again today lets me know that I can’t give up on God because he never gives up on me. I have to keep pressing forward until I reach that place that I long to be which is in his presence in heaven where I will never have to experience sorrow, pain, or hurt again.

Inspiration: I encourage you on today that whatever you may be going through at this moment know that God is on your side and he’s right there comforting you in the storm. He is molding your character so that you are more like him and less like this world. He is stirring up the fruits of the spirit within in you so that you boldly spread the word of God to all that will hear. He loves you so much and he understands what you are going through right now. Even when you can’t find words to say, he sees your tears and he knows your thoughts. Don’t’ give up because the sun will shine again. Keep pressing, praying, and praising God.

Jehovah we thank you for this day that wasn’t promised to any of us. We thank you for your grace and mercy that brings us through from day to day. Lord we lift up our hands saying we surrender because we can’t live life without you. Thank you Lord for keeping us in our right minds even when our thoughts are racing. Thank you Lord for loving us unconditionally. Thank you for forgiving us of our many sins. Lord comfort us that have lost a loved one and are broken in the inside. Uplift our spirits and create a new heat within us. Continue to give us your love, joy, peace and strength. Help us daily to focus on you and build our treasures in heaven where you live and not here on earth. In Jesus name, Amen!