Friday, February 6, 2015

Wise Counsel Inspiration 1 on 1

Read Proverbs 24:5-6, 19:20-21

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Who are you seeking guidance from when troubles arise in your life? We usually want to contact the person that comforts us the most in the physical. But what happens when we call or text that person and they aren’t available. We become sad or feel like all hope is gone. Even when we have good news we want to run and call mom or dad to tell them. What happens when they aren’t available? We find ourselves filled with this joy but no one to share it with….
We should be seeking God in the bad and the good times. God’s presence strengthens, guides us and he gives us wisdom. I used to go to God about all my problems through prayer. This is about the only time I would go to him when things were all wrong in my life. As I matured in Christ, I started to praise God for the good times through prayer and song. If I got a raise on my job, started school, paid my rent, learned something new about his word, etc. It felt awesome celebrating with my Father in Heaven.

Although we make our plans, seek God’s plan for your life. His plan will always go forth in our favor. From my experience, when I didn’t seek God’s will, my plans failed. Then I found myself at the altar weeping and asking God to help me. God will give you the gift of knowledge and wisdom if you seek him first each and every day. We need God every day, not just on Sunday.

~Be wise and go to God

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