Monday, February 16, 2015

Teaching Inspiration 1 on 1

Read 2 Timothy 2:15

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Are you ashamed of Jesus Christ? If you aren’t spreading the gospel to others then you are ashamed of the gospel. We should be walking in confidence and proclaiming the truth to all that will hear the word. We should be spreading the good news boldly and unashamed of what others may think about us or even on how they will react. Your lifestyle needs to reflect that you are a believer by the way you live so that others will see and hear how God is working through you to witness to them.

God has been too good to us not to share his truth to this dark world. How will they know if we don’t share? Too many of us are going to church on Sunday and letting the word we receive stay within us. We need to be sharing what we hear from God and our personal testimonies with others. You would be surprised at how your testimony will inspire and motivate someone else. People are hurting and wanting things to change in their lives. God is the only one that can make our situation’s brighter. Share his truth, so that God may be glorified. Our goal as disciples is to add to the kingdom and save souls. The enemy wants us to be ashamed of God. The devil is already defeated, so don’t allow him to win by taking away your confidence in Jesus Christ. Start today by sending a text, posting a status or simply calling someone to share about the goodness of Our Lord.

~Share and Speak with Confidence

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