Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Vision for Pastor Inspiration 1 on 1

Read Jeremiah 3:15

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Who does the church belong too? Not sure what you are thinking, but the answer is Christ. The church is the body of Christ. He died for the body and the body lives for him.  Christ died for our sins. We must believe that Jesus died, was buried, and rose on third day. Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God.
I discussed what a godly leader is in a previous post. **Leadership Inspiration 1 on 1

A Godly leader will have a vision for the local church but also for the universal church. The pastor will lead the congregation by the Holy Spirit. God is in control of all things even the local churches that reside in our communities. God is in charge of appointing and anointing leaders into positons in a church that stands open in Jesus Christ name.  
We are to support the pastor’s vision(s) for the local church. God appointed and anointed the pastor to be the leader of the church, so our role is to serve the pastor. Always pray and keep your pastor uplifted with encouraging words.  

Bragging Moment: My pastor at CCTOF-Dallas is truly a woman of God. She is filled with the Holy Spirit. She teaches and she preaches the word of God. She has truly blessed me as believer by growing me deeper in the word. My pastor is beautiful, funny, smart, sophisticated but most of all she is a believer in Jesus Christ. She teaches an uncompromised gospel to the people of God.
I encourage each of you today to pray for your pastor but also pray for all pastors that are teaching God’s word.


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