Friday, February 27, 2015

Praise and Pray Day 4

Read Matthew 10:16

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Help!!! We will be persecuted because we are followers of Jesus Christ. Expect it and learn how to deal with it. Just think for a moment: Jesus was persecuted and he was the Son of God, so surely we will be persecuted for following him.
Don’t be afraid because the only one whom we should fear is God. There is spiritual value in persecution. Just think about this for a moment: We should be rejoicing because our reward is much greater than anything this world can offer. By grace we are offered salvation through Jesus Christ with the gift to our new home in heaven. There will be no more suffering or even persecution of God’s children in heaven.

As we know that trials come to test our faith and help us grow spiritually. When among others that don’t believe and they are trying to degrade our character don’t react with hatred but with love. Always remain calm as Jesus did when replying to Satan in the wilderness. He remained calmed and responded with scriptures from Deuteronomy.
Keep pressing on this amazing journey in the Lord.  Know that no matter what we may endure our reward is greater when we reach heaven. Oh what a time it will be!

Lord we come thanking you for new mercies every morning. We thank you for loving us. Thank you for letting us know through your word the things we will face as believers but also letting us know that we have a greater reward to come. We thank you for growing us spiritually. Lord we love you and can’t thank you enough. In Jesus name, Amen!


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