Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Praise and Pray Day 1

Read Matthew 5:1-11

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Jesus is simply teaching us as believers how to have the right attitude. We should always give praises to Jesus for teaching us how to have the right attitude as believers.

1.       Poor in spirit – Is simply having a character of humility stripped of pride

2.       Mourning – Is simply sensitivity towards the sins we commit against God

3.       Gentle – Is simply a demonstration of self-control

4.       Hunger – Is simply a desire to fulfill God’s will for your life

5.       Merciful – Is simply have a compassion for others

6.       Pure in heart – Is simply your lifestyle lining up with your words and actions

7.       Peacemakers – Is simply being able to give and bring restoration to broken relationships

8.       Persecuted – Is simply having a character of commitment and patience to be able to endure suffering but remain committed.  
The other part to the beatitudes gives us the blessings or even promises for our right now situations and even in the future. The kingdom of heaven is theirs is mentioned 2x in verse 3 and 10, comforted, inherit the earth, filled, shown mercy, see God, and called sons of God. Jesus is simply saying that we must be bold and unashamed of the gospel because no matter what the world try’s to throw at us, we will be taken care of as believers. Reading these blessings should help us to continue on this Christian journey in the Lord. Jesus promises us a reward that is greater than anything that this world has to offer which is heaven.

Lord, we come thanking you for  this day. Thanking you for sending your son Jesus to teach us how to have the right attitude as believers. Thank you for your amazing love towards us. You are worthy of all the praise, honor and the glory. We love you Lord. In Jesus name, Amen!

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