Friday, January 9, 2015

Character and Integrity Inspiration 1 on 1

Read Psalm 78:72; James 1:22
The two verses today are simply saying to develop a character of integrity by being a faithful doer. You may be wondering… How do I become a faithful doer? We all go to church to hear the word from the pastor or we may even work in ministry but that’s not enough to carry us from day to day. See we receive the meat on Sunday but we need those vegetables and water for the rest of the week. I’m simply advising you to read the word of God for yourself and then apply it in your daily life. If you don’t put into practice what his word says all your activities and knowledge is meaningless. Start today and develop a true godly character and a lifestyle of companionship with Christ. This way you can fulfill God’s purpose in your life and to receive spiritual salvation.


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