Monday, January 19, 2015

Rest and Refreshment Inspiration 1 on 1

Read Exodus 33:14, Matthew 11:28-30, Mark 6:31

Don’t we all want to experience God’s presence? I know that I do! His word says that in his presence you will find rest. That’s enough for me to seek his face every day. The world hands us daily struggles that cause us to be weary but if we look to God we will find rest and refreshment. Notice that God spoke these words in Exodus which is the Old Testament. Now we have Jesus Christ giving us the same words in the New Testament. In Matthew he says that he will give rest to the weary. Jesus understands what we go through physically and spiritually in this world. Jesus Christ forgives us of our sins when we seek him and commit to his direction for our lives. Our sinful nature causes us to fall short of the glory of God but we can find rest in Jesus.

 The Holy Spirit will dwell within you to give you peace and the presence of the Lord to deal with the daily struggles in life. I personally know that God gives rest and strength to those who earnestly seek him. When my relationship matured in Christ, things that use to bother me, don’t have the same effect anymore. Don’t get me wrong I still get overwhelmed with daily struggles but then I remember that my help comes from the Lord. I read my word and pray that the Lord fight this battle for me. Your rest and refreshment will come when you put all your problems at the altar and leave them with Jesus to handle. I’m not talking about the altar at church, I’m referring to an altar that is in your heart. Spend time with God so that you know him better. I recommend you read God’s word (BIBLE), this always and will be my suggestion. There are many great books to read but the bible is the way you will understand who God is and what he  can do for you in your life. Rest and Refreshment are just a prayer away!


  1. I like that you said rest and refreshment, I always have found that after I was truly humbled and prayed for guidance that I felt relieved and refreshed like everything and worry that was so overwhelming seemed to wash away I'm not saying that my troubles disappeared from my from life instantaneously but I was more focused and seemed to have a purpose to not dwell on them. I let God carry me through those trials and worries and I let Him position me where He wanted me to be and what seemed to be a blink of an eye I was on the other side of them. If I would've done that without God and His help I really do feel like the spiritual and physical struggles of this life would've consumed me at that time. Troubles and worries will never be truly gone in this world but I know from that first lesson that when I prayed and asked God to guide me and life burdens from me and I stayed with him I was refreshed and those things were more bearable. I love that you said altar of your heart too many people think going to church h every Sunday brings you closer to God it may bring you physically closer to hearing the words once spoken by God and taught through Christ but your hear and spirit are what need to be close not your body.

    1. Amen! Your point is exactly the testimony's that need to be shared. The Holy Spirit dwells in you once you accept Christ as your Lord and Savior. Kingdom building will come outside the church walls.

    2. I'm glad you emphasis outside the walls. You don't just praise Him and obey Him on Sunday with church walls, you do your best to live by it each day and to teach others to enlighten them and show them the way.

  2. Alot of misspelled words but I hope the point gets across.