Friday, January 30, 2015

Parent’s Heart Inspiration 1 on 1

Read Acts 20:28-31

I must admit, I had to pray to Our Father in heaven on this blog post. I must always put away self to let God be glorified and his word go forth with nothing but the truth. Please keep me in your prayers.

We must have a heart for those that God has placed in our care and an appropriate sense of responsibility. In this day in time leaders are arising that are wolves in sheep clothing. They are self-centered, prideful, greedy, and want the power of popularity. They are trying to build their own kingdom instead of God’s kingdom. They are taking advantage of the people of God. They are twisting God’s word for their own interests. We can’t ignore what God’s word says, we must be obedient no matter what the world is doing. We can’t mix God’s truth with worldly truths. We can’t tolerate immoral lifestyles that are contrary to God’s word, period. We must be sincerely devoted to the absolute truth of God’s word, no matter what. If there is someone that is not spreading the original message of Jesus they need to be confronted and disciplined. People need to be spiritually healthy and not sick because of false teaching. True spiritual leaders will always point you towards Christ and his word, period.

 ~Read God’s word for yourself, study to show thyself approved




  1. Amen amen and did u not say amen! Never twist God's word to this view of the world. This world is Satan's play pin this world is not of God the spirit is what should strive to be of God and conforming to this ungodly world strays us away from Him and His way. I love this post.