Monday, January 12, 2015

Obedience Inspiration 1 on1

Read John 14:15 and Romans 6:16

How much do we love God? His word says that if we love him we will keep his commandments. My grandmother use to always tell me that obedience is better than sacrifice. I didn’t understand it then, but now I do. If we are truly devoted to God and keep his commandments, we must refrain from sin. We must surrender all to God because he is our Father in heaven. He loves us and wants the best for our lives. We as believers have to learn to trust in his word. Just because God forgives us of our sins does not mean that we should continue to sin. There are consequences to sinning against God. We have now become slaves to sin which results in death. This can be physical and spiritual death. Why would we risk that chance of not being in God’s presence? It’s not worth it! Pray without ceasing, ask God to guide and direct your life every day. Faithfully follow Christ and allow him to be the head of your life.



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