Monday, January 26, 2015

Finances Inspiration 1 on 1

Read Proverbs 3:9-10, 1 Timothy 6:10-1, Hebrews 13:5

 As we know that God owns everything. The reason that you have a source of income is because of God. We are required to give God 10% of our 1st portion of our income. I give 2x a month 10% off my net pay. This year I will tithe 10% of my income tax return. When you tithe you are expressing gratitude for all that God has done in your life. I’m grateful for God blessing me with possessions but also spiritually. The Lord promises to bless us in Malachi 3:10. When we tithe it helps to benefit God’s purpose and work here on earth.
All that we have is because God provides it for us. Give to the people that stand in need. Not just family but others that you don’t even know. Be a cheerful giver! Most importantly, give not expecting anything in return. My advice, is to take care of your household 1st and if you have overflow that doesn’t cause you to be in a bind give to the needy.

Don’t have a love for money or even material possessions. These things will pass away. Your spiritual salvation is more important than money. Mark 8:36 speaks of this very thing. Be grateful for what God has given you!  

In giving to God you learn to trust him to make a way for you in each and everyday. Tithing teaches discipline as well. You gave to learn how to budget on 90% of your income. This will limit or eliminate that excess spending. Trust me I know... God will do just what he says he will do in his word. I have experienced nothing but overflow in my household from tithing. I give to my local church that I attend because that's the purpose of tithing is for kingdom building. All I can say is try it and watch God change things for your favor and for his glory!

 ~Trust God



  1. Yes this is so true do not have love for money they are like the flesh they will come to pass they are not of the spirit which is everlasting. God provides us with everything we have that is something we never should forget. This is why we give for offering I understand that now.

    1. Tithes are 10% off top before anything else is paid. Offering is additional to your tithing. If you want to be blessed pay your tithes and your offering. If you want more give it to the poor and the Lord will give it back too you!