Friday, January 23, 2015

Children Inspiration 1 on 1

Read Proverb 20:7, Genesis 18:19, Proverb 22:6

Children are a blessing from God! It can be difficult raising children in today’s society. There’s no manual to tell you how to deal with your child’s personality. You are going to make mistakes especially with the 1st one. My daughter was my test baby! When my daughter started to mature in age I needed some advice on how to raise a teen. I asked people around me that had teen daughters or had raised a teen but no one seemed to give realistic or even sound advice. I remember sitting and crying asking God to help me. Light bulb went off. That was my answer… God is our father, he made us and he knows all about us. I started asking God to help me be a better parent and raise his daughter. Oh, it worked! #wonthedoit We still have our moments but with God directing our path it’s a little bit smoother than before.
My focus is how to raise our children the right way. How do we teach them God’s way and not the worlds way? Teaching your child about God starts at home. Start while your children are toddlers. You would be surprised on how much information a toddler retains. I started with my children at a young age teaching them about God and how to love and follow him.

Prayer is something that I encourage in my home with my children. I have watched over time how their prayer life has changed. They pray grateful prayers and they pray for others. It makes my heart smile as a parent. Children are blessed when their parents have taught them about God at a young age. My grandmother did the same with me. I did reject God’s teaching when I reached the legal age to move out and I started doing worldly things. How be the ever, the Lord’s word was planted on my heart, so I couldn’t go too far. Praise the Lord!

We as parents are held accountable by God to teach our children God’s word. Another thing that I do with my children to teach about God’s word. We have bible study as much as possible in the home. Now, we do attend our local church and attend bible study regularly. But we also have incorporated bible study in the home based on their age level. It’s awesome spending time together studying God’s word.

I try my best to keep my children from worldly thinking. Sometimes they understand and sometimes they don’t. That’s ok. Because I know that when they depart from home, the things I have taught should come to remembrance. I would suggest a few things that I use with my children that range from he ages of 4 to 13.

1.       Pray together as a family

2.       Bible study at home

3.       Eat together at the dinner table

4.       Share your testimony with your children

5.       Attend a local bible based church

6.       Watch Christian movies together

7.       Listen to Christian music- we listen to gospel rap, “Lecrae” is our favorite artist

8.       Surround them with other children that are believers

~Start today teaching your kiddos about God!


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